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- Roland.

'A very strong song indeed. [Won't Stop Believing]
If there’s an artist in the East Midlands who has more gigs than Michael Vickers, I don’t know who it is’


- Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing, 2017

An act not to be missed

- Simon Says, 2016.

'Giant Leap Year' EP review - Impose Magazine December 2016

Having just completed a degree in music at BIMM Bristol, the UK’s indie/alternative rock musician Michael Vickers has both an education and wild amount of talent to back him up. Since he received his degree, he has been traveling across the countryside, winning fans all over the UK. His recent EP release Giant Leap Year is a six track journey – largely of heartbreak – that will undoubtedly capture you, throw you around a bit, and leave you questioning why its brilliance didn’t exist before...'

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A bit of a legend really on this programme...’


- Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing in the East Midlands.

TreeHouse Sessions review - April 2017

With his feet firmly planted on the ground our blue eyed boy Michael brings you relatable lyrics and catchy tunes that will stick. Without even being aware of it, you will be singing and throwing your love for Vickers in the air as you can’t help but be won over by this talented and cheeky chap...

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Singer songwriter Michael Vickers to make Glastonbury debut on Saturday June 27

Singer songwriter Michael Vickers is set to make his Glastonbury debut in front of thousands of music lovers next month. The Groby student was pulled out of a lecture to be given the good news he had been offered a slot on one of the stages at the three-day festival. Michael who is his last year at the Bristol...

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I've just watch a video of 'wanted you to know' and it's beautiful

- Bobbie Hall, Notts TV Producer.

Leicester's live music - september 2016

Michael Vickers had attracted a very large crowd of people to see him perform tonight.  It was like a reunion – former band mates and friends from years ago – there was a sense of occasion in the air...

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I hesitate to say this, but theres a little bit of Ed Sheeran in there. I don’t want to draw to many parallels, its lazy to keep saying that singer songwriters sound like Ed Sheeran but there is something there. I like Michael's style very much indeed, he’s doing good stuff there

- Dean Jackson, The Beat Team, BBC Introducing.

‘I just love that clever play on words, it's really clever, I’m really enjoying this'

- Dean Jackson, The Beat Team, BBC Introducing.

Shining lights - Interview with michael vickers, singer / songwriter

Shininglights has been talking to artists about the interaction between music and money. The aim is to understand how different artists approach this and how individuals can apply this to their own circumstances (whether as a musician or any other profession).

In this interview we talk to Michael Vickers; since completing a degree in song writing at BIMM he spreads his time...

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As part of our #MeetTheArtists campaign for the Electric City launch, we caught up with Michael Vickers to see what he's been up to.

So, tell us what you've been up to recently...
I’ve been travelling around and gigging in different places. I recently performed at Proud Camden, and have found that performing...

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It was a great pleasure to see Michael Vickers again. I have been following Mikey’s career in music ever since he was the singer in a band called Kicking Habits. He’s still going strong after seven to eight years entertaining audience around the UK with his upbeat, story-laden songs. His songs are...

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‘Well delivered vocals and a kind of woeful, melancholic vocal, it’s quite a hard one to carry off actually’

- Dean Jackson, The Beat Team, BBC Introducing.

‘A really, really beautiful track - you believe everything that's being said there’

- James, The Beat Team, BBC Introducing.

'When I'm back Home' song review -Music Review database, July 2016

It's important to give local music attention, and although many of our readers are from Brazil, Russia, yeah and even a bunch of Latvians; but we still get the odd view from the home nation, home county, home. With MichaelVickers; there's a sense of nepotism involved, and I'm a great opposer of nepotism, it's rotten to the core - but having only glanced over Vickers' music for a while, stumbling across his recent material has really motivated me to listen more keenly and take in the differences to his early recordings....

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